Lights Out to Save Birds

Our chapter spearheads a multi-state collaboration to turn lights off to save birds.


Lights Out Heartland

DarkSky Missouri spearheads a multi-state collaboration to encourage businesses and the public to turn off lights during spring and fall bird migration. Learn more at


IDA/National Audubon Society Partnership

DarkSky International has announced a new partner in the critical work of protecting the night from light pollution: the National Audubon Society. The two organizations are an excellent fit! Encompassed in Audubon’s mission to protect birds and the places they need is the conservation of critical habitat, including the sky, creating a natural intersection with IDA’s focus on protecting the night from light pollution.  Learn more about the new partnership at






Our Mission

The mission of DarkSky Missouri is to raise awareness about light pollution issues in Missouri, promote quality outdoor lighting, protect our natural environment and our beautiful night sky, and educate the public how reducing light pollution can lower energy costs.