Volunteer your time to support our chapter.

Share Your Skills, Time, and Passion to Make a Difference

Like you, all of us have busy lives.  Even just an hour a month can make a difference.  We will work with you to find a way to put your talents and expertise to work!


Volunteering can be a simple as agreeing to be at a table during at outreach event.  It is a great chance to meet and interact with people.  Brochures and handouts are available to make your job easy.


Give a Talk

You might be reluctant to give a talk to groups, but we can help.  We have examples of presentations that you can give and can coach you through how to make a presentation.

Our Mission

The mission of DarkSky Missouri is to raise awareness about light pollution issues in Missouri, promote quality outdoor lighting, protect our natural environment and our beautiful night sky, and educate the public how reducing light pollution can lower energy costs.