Welcome to the DarkSky Missouri Chapter of DarkSky International (formerly the International Dark Sky Association).
If you are interested in learning how light pollution impacts our daily lives in Missouri, you have come to the right place.   


IDA Missouri Operating Zones

Welcome from our Chapter Leader

DarkSky Missouri was launched in October 2018 as an official chapter of the DarkSky International. Our chapter is active as you will see by reviewing this website. Importantly, our chapter uses operating "zones" to make sure that our activities represent all regions of Missouri, not just one city.  In line with this thinking, board members and volunteers are recruited for each zone, and resources deployed by each zone such as sky quality meters to measure sky brightness.

Please let your friends and colleagues know about our chapter and encourage them to connect with us on social media.  If you would like to help us, please visit the "Get Involved" section of our website.  There are many ways to contribute.  

To contact me, please visit the Contact menu area of website.  I would love to hear from you!

Vayu Gokhale, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Truman State University in Kirksville
DarkSky Missouri





Our Mission

The mission of DarkSky Missouri is to raise awareness about light pollution issues in Missouri, promote quality outdoor lighting, protect our natural environment and our beautiful night sky, and educate the public how reducing light pollution can lower energy costs.