Missouri SQM Handheld Program - 30-Day Loaner

The Missouri Chapter of International Dark-Sky Association has a limited number of handheld Unihedron Sky Quality Meters for 30-day loan to qualifying public institutions located in Missouri. The devices are available on a first-come, first-serve basis.  Priority will be given to locations who are the best candidates for our "Missouri Sky Quality Meter Program" where we install SQM devices for continuous monitoring of sky brightness.  

Your organization agrees to the following:

  • To record at least one sky brightness measurement to one of a number of FREE online services for our use in scientific analysis. 
  • We will pay the mailing costs of shipping the device to you
  • Your organization will be responsible for the cost of shipping the device back to us
  • Your organization agrees to reimburse us in the amount of $150.00 for any device borrowed but not returned within 60 days of loaner period expiration

To request a 30-day loan of one of our devices, please complete the form provided below and we will contact you when a device is available.


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