IDA Missouri has a number of programs to combat the increase in light pollution.  



Our Missouri Chapter of the International Dark-Sky Association, in partnership with Truman State University in Kirksville, MO, is offering two exciting programs that provide public institutions such as parks, recreational areas, educational institutions and municipalities with "Sky Quality Meters" ("SQM") to measure sky brightness at their location. Data collected by these SQMs will be used in scientific analysis and to develop programs to reduce light pollution.  Funding for the purchase of the SQM's is provided by the NASA-Missouri Space Grant Consortium. 

1) Missouri Sky Quality Meter Loaner Program (handheld meter)

We have a limited quantity of handheld Unihedron Sky Quality Meters that we will let you borrow for 30-days.  A great way to measure sky brightness at your location in just minutes. 

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2) Missouri Sky Quality Meter Program (continuous data logging)

We have eight SQMs that log data on a continuous basis with the purchase of more units planned. Typically these units are installed for one year.   

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