Effective October 15, 2018,  we are an official chapter of International Dark Sky representing the State of Missouri.  Our chapter is formed under the Missouri Limited Liability Company Act under the name "International Dark-Sky Association - Missouri Chapter LLC" (IDA Missouri)..

  • EIN issued by the Department of Treasury: 83-2209983
  • Registration number issued by the State of Missouri: LC001614034

As part of our organization development effort, a Board of Directors has been established.  Per our operating agreement with International Dark Sky, IDA Missouri Board members serve for a term of three years and cannot serve for more than two (2) consecutive full year terms of office without a break in service of at least one (1) year.  Board terms are divided into three classes which are staggered to expire in different years to help ensure continuity of the Board.  

Current IDA Missouri Board members are as follows:

  1. Don Ficken, President, Kirkwood, MO (First Class: Term expires 11/30/2019)
  2. Jackie Beucher, Vice President, Overland Park, KS (Second Class: Term expires 11/30/2020)
  3. Chuck Simms, Secretary, Wentzville, MO (First Class: Term expires 11/30/2019)
  4. Cook Feldman, Treasurer. St. Louis Missouri (Third Class: Term expires 11/30/2021)
  5. Ron King, Director of Media, Washington, MO (Third Class: Term expires 11/30/2021)
  6. Vayujeet Gokhale, Ph.D., Kirksville, MO (Third Class:  Term Expires 11/30/2021)
  7. William Neubert, Manchester, MO (Second Class: Term expires 11/30/2020)
  8. Alfred Schovanez, Union, MO (Second Class: Term expires 11/30/2020)
  9. Rick Yord, Lee's Summit, MO (First Class: Term expires 11/30/2019)